Festival Virtual Choir

70 voices from 6 ensembles across Western Wyoming

Participating Ensembles

Jackson, Wyoming

Cathedral Voices Chamber Choir

An auditioned ensemble of 25 voices, performing and educating through music in Jackson Hole.

Laura Huckin, Conductor
Heather Park Reed, Accompanist

Pinedale, Wyoming


A high school ensemble of select students dedicated to ensemble singing and contemporary repertoire.

Greg Allen, Conductor

Pinedale, Wyoming

Pinedale Festival Choir

A select community choir of 40 adults and students who come together to sing and create something beautiful.

Greg Allen, Valerie Lee, Conductors
JJ Huntley, Landon Preece, Accompanists

Afton, Wyoming

Salt River Chamber Chorus

A select community choir who perform Christmas and spring concerts for Star Valley communities.

James Arbizu, Director
Laura Huckin, Conductor
Jane Andersen, Accompanist

Jackson, Wyoming

Treble Voices

An all-women’s chamber ensemble that celebrates the distinct sounds and repertoire specific to the female voice.

Conductor: Laura Huckin
Accompanist: Lisa Landis

Pinedale, Wyoming

Voices 8

A consortium of soloists dedicated to ensemble singing, performing house concerts to raise money for the arts.

Valerie Lee, Director

Festival Virtual Choir


Kim Buchanan
Delia Compton
Kyle Donaldson
Sabrina Donaldson
Kathy Donaldson
Janet Erickson
Shaianne Erickson
Hilary Frenette
Leslie Hagenstein
Carol Harvey
Charisse Haws
Deanne Hunter
Patricia Krause
Sarah Lamb
Valerie Lee
Rhea Lewis
Adrianna Ruby
Katie Smith
Judith Weikle
Kellie Woolstenhulme


Isabella Allen
Olivia Best
Sue Briggs-Stanfill
Joyce Butcher
Stephanie Capps
Andrea Deaton-Christensen
Lori Dodd
Sue Holz
Lisa Hoyt
Eileen Humphreys
J J Huntley
Julie Konicek
Debbie Kopp
Lorie Loftus
Teisha Preece
Amy Robinson
Trisha Scott
Baylee Simpson
Elizabeth Stromberg
Sharron Ziegler


Greg Allen
Toby Allen
Jaxon Buchanan
Dan Butcher
Travis Donaldson
Parker Donaldson
Vicki Garnick
Curt Haws
Dan Heist
Dean Loftus
Eric Moehring
Bob Nelson
Chase Olson
Aaron Preece


Isaac Best
Shawn Buchanan
Cody Daigle
Parker Donaldson
Kraig Kobert
Bob Kopp
Isaac Mayes
William Neal
Duncan Noble
Patrick Noble
John Overgaag
Landon Preece
Zach Shepherd
Justin Smith

Virtual Choir Creative Team

Virtual Conductor-in-Residence: Dr. Geoffrey Boers
Accompanists: Amy Boers, Laura Huckin
Technical Director: Patrick Millard
Virtual Choir Director: Laura Huckin
Website Designer: Molly Stewart

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