Welcome PCJH Choir!

updated 4/20/23

April 26th Virtual Practice

Welcome to our virtual practice!  Follow the videos and links below to warm up, sing your words & music, and get ready for an in-person rehearsal May 3rd.  Music is available right here! Click on link to open a PDF with all lyrics, etc.  May 7 Music PDF


Gathering Song – Come People of the Risen King

Enjoy reviewing and singing the melody with joy and confidence

Song of Praise – Let the Earth Resound

lots of words!  sing along, and if you hear a harmony on the chorus, please sing it. The video is in a different key. Audio recording is the key we will sing it in, but it’s not the full song, just a few choruses and verses.

Song of Response – His Mercy is More

We will sing in a Shane & Shane style (listen to this video).  We are singing in the key of the audio recording below the video. Again, it’s not the full song, just a few choruses and verses.

Alleluia, Alleluia, Give Thanks to the Risen King

We are only singing the chorus, with the descant.  But in the interest of saving time, these tracks include the verse.

How Can I Keep from Singing

these are simple tracks to help you learn your parts. Zach will introduce some creative ideas for each verse (solo, duet kind of sutff) on May 3rd.