Calling All Singers for the 2022-23 Season!

15-minute interviews with potential new members will be held by appointment, through September 1st.

Membership requirements:

  1. Come prepared to sing a short a cappella song of your choice (a verse and chorus or 16-bar portion of a song is fine).  There is no accompanist. We want to hear your natural voice, singing your best!
  2. Sight-sing a short musical passage (this will help us understand where you are in your musical experience).
  3. Sing a few vocalises as directed (these are simple exercises to hear your range for proper placement within the choir)
  4. A brief interview – our Conductor looks for many qualities beyond musicianship.


The auditioned choirs of Cathedral Voices Chamber Choir are the core of this organization and set the standard for all Cathedral Voices does and represents.  A full commitment to attending rehearsals, studying your music at home (to prepare for rehearsals), and participating in performances is essential for every member.

In general:

  • Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings.
  • Fall Session concludes with a holiday-themed concert in December, in addition to outreach performances.
  • Spring Session begins late January and concludes with a concert in May.
  • There are always additional opportunities for outreach (community caroling, Valentine’s event, mini-concerts). All members are encouraged to participate as much as they are able.
  • Member Dues are $100 per semester. Financial aide is available.