Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities 2011

Cathedral Voices Chamber Choir is excited to be part of Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities 2011, which will be held on Saturday, September 10, at 10:00am in downtown Jackson, Wyoming.

This annual fundraising event is one of the largest of its kind, produced annually by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole. Donations made through this event are matched – the match percentage depends on the ratio of the total amount raised in match money (from Mr. & Mrs. Old Bill, Co-Challengers, corporate sponsors and Friends of the Match) compared to the amount of eligible donor contributions. Approximately 25% of Cathedral Voices’ budget for producing free community concerts and education programming is raised through this event each year!
Cathedral Voices will have an informational booth at Old Bill’s Fun Run, so be sure to stop by, meet some choir members, and learn more about the upcoming season of free concerts and events!
If you’d like to donate to Cathedral Voices through Old Bill’s, contributions are to be made directly to the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole and must be accompanied by an official donor form. Visit www.oldbills.org to learn more about this event, and the many non-profit organizations participating. Through one donor form you can contribute to as many local organizations as you like.

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