To Schedule an Audition

Call (307) 774.5497 to schedule an audition.

Cathedral Voices Chamber Choir currently consists of two performing groups: Cathedral Voices, a mixed-voice ensemble of 16-20 voices; and Treble Voices, a chamber ensemble of 8-12 female vocalists.

General Audition Information


Relax!  The auditions are private (no audience). During your 15-minute audition you will be asked to:


  1. Sing a short a cappella song of your choice (you pick.  a verse and chorus or portion of a song is fine).  There is no accompanist. We want to hear your natural voice, singing your best!
  2. Sight-sing a short musical passage (this will help us understand where you are in your musical experience).
  3. Sing a few vocalises (these are simple exercises or warm-ups to hear your range for proper placement within the choir, and to asses your aural skills)
  4. A brief interview – our Artistic Director looks for many qualities beyond musicianship.



The auditioned choirs of Cathedral Voices Chamber Choir are the core of this organization and set the standard for all Cathedral Voices does and represents.  A full commitment to attending rehearsals, studying your music at home (to prepare for rehearsals), and participating in performances is essential for every member.

The performance schedule varies, but in general:

  • Cathedral Voices-the mixed voice choir-rehearses Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00pm.
  • Treble Voices-the all-women’s ensemble-rehearses Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00pm.
  • Fall rehearsals culminate in holiday-themed concerts in December, in addition to outreach performances.
  • Spring rehearsals begin in January and culminate with concerts in April or early May.
  • There are always additional opportunities for outreach (caroling to the elderly, mini-concerts in the schools), and all members are expected to participate as much as they are able.
  • Member Dues are $100 per semester. Scholarship aide is available for those with financial difficulties.